Welcome NFL Season 2018-19!

I recently set up the 2018-19 6th Annual Club Sarah Jean Classic, an online NFL Pick 'em Pool at RunYourPool.com. Our pool goes by the name 'SJ's Pick 'em '. If you are interested in joining the pool, please go to the following link below and fill out the form: NOTE: If you already participated in my pool last year, do NOT join again. Just login to your account from last year.

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Log on to the pool at RunYourPool.com

Pool Name:
SJ's Pick 'em

Pool Type:
NFL Pick 'em

Pool Admin:
Sarah Jean

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Create Your Team

Come up with a clever name for your team.
Your team name is how we will distinguish
pool entries from one another and
will be visible to all participants.

Active Entries:

*Current # of teams enlisted in CSJCVI as of 8/25/2018

Make Your Picks

My pool is easy! All you do is pick
who you think will win each game
every week and enter a tiebreaker
combined score total amount for
the week's last game played.

EVERY pick must be made
by Sunday 1pm EST.


RunYourPool is a paid
service. A donation in
any amount is greatly
appreciate and not
required in order to play.


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