Politic & Parlay

I Believe We Have The Answer

One day while I was ambigiguosly meandering about my day, it hit me. Hit me like a flying car tossed around in the air from the hurricane storm as a gust of wind swipes it up off the pavement and sends car directly into my face. SMACK! An idea. I wish I could have my very own night club, only on the WWW! A global night club, open 24 hours, and many more awesome things but I'm keeping it to myself, for now.

Club Sarah Jean is a group of people whom follow Sarah Jean of The Internet on the web. Membership is for most all people who want to to have a good time.

It excites me to be thinking about developing content and product possibilities marketable for CSJ. If I get the chance to let my creative side flow, I'd rather produce something original, well thought out and organized for the purpose of supporting Club Sarah Jean as a brand.